My Weekend Away To London at #MeasureCamp

This weekend I was in London for MeasureCamp, which is an analytics (un)conference with the emphasis on practical advice and knowledge sharing.  You can follow the tweets on their hashtag here: #MeasureCamp

It was my first conference in 5 years, since my general opinion on conferences are they are largely a waste of time apart from meeting up with people.  But my tweetstream was filled with talk of this new conference format with no sponsored content; where all the sessions are provided by the attendees; "the law of two feet" encouraging a culture of being able to walk out of a session if it was too boring; and free food.  Since I'm always hungry, and the attendees all are world experts in their field, the content looked like it would be top-rate.

After the morning introduction, there was a scrum to get your session up on the board.

Again from Twitter feedback, I was encouraged to prepare a practical session on using R for a digital analyst.  My session in the morning was a bit nerve racking, but I managed to finish on time and have had great feedback, thanks very much to all who attended.  My presentation is here: Using R in a digital analytics workflow

I wish I could have attended more of the sessions such as Simo's GTM wizardry or @fastblokes Embed API session, but of the ones I did attend I generally got inspired or reassured on what we're doing at work.  One thing I'd of liked to see more of was how people are approaching attribution, but its a pretty old subject and maybe people were a bit loathe doing sessions on that. 

The venue was great, and free food and beer was provided.  Lots of rooms ranging big and small with a central area to bump into people.

My quick review of my sessions:

  • Unifying Customer Data - this actually was probably my worst session of the day, as it seemed a bit salesy and not very clear on what the take aways were.  I left early to prepare for my session
  • Custom dimensions and metrics - a discussion on what people were using custom metrics/dimensions for.  No real surprises.
  • From Anonymous to Identify - interesting discussion on how once you ID a user if you could use older data on that same cookie to reliably make offers to the user.  Probably could if you don't need a 100% match, but for making financial offers you really need that 100% authentication post-login.
  • Backroom to boardroom - probably most useful take-aways for me on the day, on how to communicate the tools of analytics to the C-suite to get investment.
  • Retargeting discussion - comparing notes on how other's are utilising remarketing.  Was a bit focused to the GA segments remarketing lists and not other platforms such as AdForm, but interesting to hear what people are doing.
  • Pings to Predictions - talk by the tech team of on how the are making a real-time, machine learning behavioural analytics tool.  Was very cool, and a nice team from Latvia I met in the pub the night before and afterwards.

But the sessions were just a part of it, around them were lots of meeting up with people I've know digitally for a long time but met face-to-face, old friends, new friends from Poland, France, Denmark and UK.

All in all I would recommend going, and look forward to being able to attend again.  Thanks to all the #MeasureCamp team on their hard work and enthusiasm :)

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Great to finally meet you - hoping you will come to the next one in March (and that I get a ticket!)
Nice to meet you too Gerry :) You were a lot taller than I imagined. I would like to come over for March's but with the baby coming who knows, but I may have a chance to get to more conferences in 2015 pending certain applications....