My new role as Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics!

I'm very pleased and honoured to have been accepted into the Google Developer Expert program representing Google Analytics.  I should soon have my mug listed with the other GA GDE's at the Google Developer Expert website.

My thanks go to Simo who nominated me and Linda for helping me through the application process.

Alongside my existing work at Wunderman, my role should include some more opportunities to get out there and show what can be done with the GA APIs, so expect me at more analytics conferences soon.

I also will get to play with some of the new betas and hopefully be able to create more cool demo apps for users to adapt and use for their own website, mostly using R Shiny and Google App Engine.

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Congratulations!  Hristo
Awesome! Hey, I've been looking to share some of my network stuff on the web, and R shiny looks like the stuff. Wanna get together at some point and talk?
Dear Jesper, yes of course, especially as you are the one who got me on the R train in the first place. Fridays are best. There are some good network graph visualisation libraries I've been looking at recently.
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