My Google Webmaster Tools Downloader app

Here is a tool that I have used for SEO analytics, that I am now making publicly available. It extends Google Webmaster Tools to help answer common SEO questions more easily.

Visit the Google Webmaster Tools Downloader

Here are a few example questions it helps answer:

  • SEO keyword rankings taking into account personalisation and localisation for Google, in this age of (not provided)
  • SEO keyword performance beyond the 90 days available by default e.g. year on year comparisons
  • How a segment of keywords have performed over time e.g. brand vs non-brand
  • How click through rates change over time e.g. after a website migration.
  • How new/old website sections perform in Google search via the Top Pages reports

These things were a lot easier before (not provided) took keywords out of web analytics.  This left Google Webmaster Tools as the only reliable source of rankings, but it was not an ideal replacement, with limitations that needed to be worked around by downloading data via an API - an API that rarely gets updated.

I'm aware this app could quickly become obsolete if Google updated GWT, but it has also served as a great project for me to get to know working with App Engine, jinja2 templating, Google Charts, caching, Stripe, Bootstrap, etc. so its all been worthwhile - I think I can safely say its been the most educational project I've done, and can serve as another template for more sophisticated APIs (the Google Tag Manager API is in sights)

Its also my first app that will be charged for, simply because keeping a daily breakdown of keywords in a database carries a cost, which is probably why Google don't offer it for free at the moment. There are other web apps on the market that do downloads for free, but I am wary of those by the adage "if you don't pay for a service, you pay with your data".

I plan to follow it up with more deeper features, including Tableau examples of what you can do with this data once you have it at such a deep level. 

For now, if you want to sign up to test the alpha, please check out the signup page here

4 responses
Do you think SEO would just evaporate? Why would anyone want a career in SEO? Spending ages compiling reports on traffic and inputting numbers and keywords in to an Excel document whilst the real world carries on by. No one cares how you manipulated a search engine and ranked no.1 for a pointless keyword, turn off laptop and burn those Red Dwarf DVDs you're wasting client's money
I think so long as search is around, the optimisation of how your web property appears will be an industry. That may change on what "search" is (voice? mobile?) or what appears (website? app?) but so long as there is a filter on what people search for, there will be an industry getting through that filter. And facts are, for almost every website I see analytics for, search is still the #1 traffic driver - as long as that's the case, protecting or increasing that traffic source will be a priority. I don't agree with the tasks you describe as an SEO should be doing, but I recognise that may be what a lot self-described SEOs do. There is often too much stress on reporting SEO that is passed off as SEO itself, which should instead be focused on doing activity to increase SEO traffic/leads/revenue etc. (note not ranking #1 for a useless query) One problem may be that the levers an SEO pulls in reality take 3-6 months to have a visible effect, so client digital marketing managers needing to justify spend ask for more and more reports to make it look like something is being done. Automating that as much as possible (which this app hopefully helps with) should help SEOs at least focus on more the things that make an impact.
Surely Peter Jeffries is just trolling. He can't be serious... Wasting client's money? How? By getting them a ton of traffic and increase transactions on their site? Such a waste hey!
Can I download Google webmaster