Copenhagen Gable Murals

When I first started to cycle around Copenhagen, I noticed a lot of the gable walls held spectacular murals as public art.  In the UK I only saw this occasionally, in the more art-prone cities such as Bristol or Brighton, and I can't recall one at all in Falmouth, probably due to conservation orders.  

I started snapping away at these murals with the aim of one day doing a collection, which I'll start publishing here, hopefully with a little blurb and map link to where it is. I’ll also replace some of the pictures as I get better shots, but there are also loads I haven't yet got.

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I've explored a fair bit of Copenhagen and seen many of these, so I'm a little surprised how many you've pictured that I've not seen before. Conversely I know of a few you haven't pictured here, so let me know if you want recommendations for where to see others. Keep up the good work here: this is an important aspect of Danish culture to catalogue as some of these will be gone next time you go there; perhaps replaced by another "gavlmaleri". If you are happy for a friendly suggestion, perhaps you could add a record of where each picture was taken.
Hi Alun, and congratulations on being my first commenter on the blog! Did I tell you there was a prize for the first comment? I hope not, as there isn't :D But! I welcome your suggestions for the format, and agree with them. I had a bit of trouble uploading the first time, which included a rough location and blurb on each of the pictures, so made do with the above just to get something started, but I will edit this post with improvements that will always sit on this URL. I'll comment here when I update so you should get an email when I improve on the above. Any suggestions for other locations are also always welcomed. I have the exact geo coordinates (useful for geochaching...?) saved with the picture as I snap on my iPhone, I just need to figure out a way to extract it easily into a GoogleMap link. Some kind of script.....automation! Yar!
Picture 8 is in Holland. Your R work is nice.
Thanks Ronald - yes there were once more helpful labels but they disappeared on upload, but picture 8 was indeed from a holiday I had in Amsterdam :)