2019 resolutions

I intended this blog to cover everything else that was not code covered on https://code.markedmondson.me but as you can see that never happened.  This probably points to some unbalance in my life, and I hope for 2019 to address that. 

There is a lot else going on.  In 2018 we moved to a dream house with a garden that gets me out a bit, and has also helped give space for some music to come back.  The new house is hopefully a move that benefits all the family, even though we got it as Sanne and I's careers waxed and waned it should be net positive in lots of ways.

A 2018 resolution was to travel as much with the family as I do with work, and that has largely panned out and has been positive, so this year I'll try it with blogging - one post here about non-code for every post about code at the other place.  The intended audiences for this blog is anyone who cares whilst for the code blog a more professional output.

Another habit I got back into in 2018 was reading.  From the age of around 4 to 30ish I hardly did anything else aside read but I dropped out of the habit for some reason, perhaps just the amount of reading I did at work.  After setting a target of one book a month and 20mins a day (a goal that would have been child's play at age 16) I found my way out of the reading funk.   Its a guaranteed way to relax, if choosing a book not too much like work.  I'm on Goodreads if you would like to join me, and I hope to write about some of the new thoughts that have arisen from those.

Music I get a lot more practice mooching about in my new study, but lose access to the music bunker, so not sure how that will go.  But I'm a better player now at least.  I'll put anything that is half-finished on Soundcloud here.

Gardening posts?!  Stranger things have happened.

Religion/Politics etc.  Yes, I should do this as I've sworn of touching it on Twitter decrying it as a terrible medium for politics in particular.  This place should be better for long-form considerations.