Goodbye, NetBooster

After 400 weeks, 2800 days, 7.67 years and 3 re-brands: I am moving on.

I've witnessed the company go from a local SEO agency to an international digital agency, and its been an experience that has changed my life for the better in many ways, and I'd like to thank all the people who made it possible along the way. 

Trying to condense 7.67 years worth of gratitude into one blog post is an impossible task, but I'll like to at least try to chart my journey below, as every one of these have helped shape where I am now (very sorry if I leave anyone out!!):

  • August 2007 - join Neutralize as an "Internet Assistant" in the Tolvaddon Energy Park office, Camborne.
  • I really needed a job as I had been in a band for the past year and had no income, so I turned up for work in my flip-flops and in my big brown VW van, which I had to use all my wages to fill with the diesel to get to work.  But I met a team of people working in this strange field of internet marketing which offered almost boundless opportunities.  From there, I'd like to thank Lucy and Janine for hiring me in the first place, Teddie for infusing the enthusiasm and expertise he would offer over the years afterwards, Mark, Ingo, Chris, Andrew, Adam, Stuart, Martin, Nigel and John for making me feel welcome.
  • May 2008 - Neutralize becomes Guava, and we move into the Nordics. Special fun times for the Falmouth carpoolers, Ingo, Luke, Lotte and the legend that is Daz.  New clients, new Google algos, new adventures with Gary, Rachel, Lotte, Paul, the Tom's: Telf, Wigley, Birmingham and Bailey, Hug, Sam, Ugo, George, Will, Clemi, Dan and John - rest in peace. 
  • September 2010 - my first visit to Denmark for a 3 month placement, where I first experience hyyge, many thanks to Morten for asking me over, the great SEO team of Kristoffer N and Erik, and to Kirstoffer E, Dan, Ann-Sofie, Kasper, Hans Peter, Christian K and P, Karen, Marie-Louise, Sidse and Andreas for making me feel welcome enough that I wanted to come back
  • July 2011 - I go part-time to focus on long term projects on my days off, something which was one of my best life decisions. I work as Social Media and Analytics Manager in the UK.  I move to Denmark again for a 9 month placement, but not before meeting Amy, Eve, Tim, Matt, Charlie, Sian, Charlotte, Mandy, Hollie, Alan, Lyndsey, Jowita, Emmanuel and Peter.  In Denmark great working with Line, Mads, Jens, Hans-Jørgen, Christian, Michaela, Ewa, Martin and Katrine
  • March 2012 - Guava become NetBooster. I join the NetBooster DNA team as an analytics consultant, headed up by Kristoffer Ewald, and with the world-class experts of Christian Pluzek, Dan Pahlen, where I learn lots. Helle, Alun and Mia add to the team that I will miss and made the decision to move very hard to make.  Not forgetting the French team whom I had the pleasure to work with: Thomas, Pierre, Emmanual, Vania and Jerome.

I'm sorry if you're not mentioned above, if I have worked with you - I haven't mentioned the cool clients and the international offices, but if you see the list above I hope you can see why. 

Looking back over the list of names I can see that the majority are off on their own various ventures around the world, and I get a sense of pride, like you are members of family out into the world.  I would very much like to hear from anyone, do let me know how you're doing if we haven't spoke in a while.  I'll still be around on SoMe so do get in touch on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or G+ if any of then are your thing.

My die is cast: I'm off for new adventures; but I hope the people I meet are half as lovely as those I have met.

    My New Blog Home

    I've decided to start up a new blog at

    It will be about everything I am up to, and I think worth writing down. 

    I'll write it primarily for my friends, family and colleagues in the industry.

    I'm experimenting with merging my business and home-life personae on one platform.  Traditionally I've separated these out, such as my work (@MarkeD_NB) and home (@MarkedAtHome) twitter accounts, but I want a more rounded presentation of myself here.  

    So, my dear readers, some of these posts may not be very interesting, but perhaps some will.  It'll probably cover topics such as:

    • Life in Denmark for an English ex-pat.  I think it best if I practice writing these in Danish, fordi det er god for øve mig.
    • What's it like to work with digital analytics in a European agency?  Its pretty exciting, for me at least.
    • I will shyly share my music endeavours, when I get them to a state they are 90% finished.  (All my songs end up being 90% finished)
    • I'll comment on SEO/Analytics trends, if its not been repeated ad nauseum on other blogs.
    • I'm doing a lot more programming recently, in particular R, Python and JavaScript.  In particular, Machine Learning is a keen interest at the moment, I'm considering entering Kaggle competitions.
    • I'll curate links to web pages around the web that cover my interests, ranging from history to gaming.
    • I'll probably have a gadget section, as I've recently acknowledged my gadget addiction. Most recently this covers the Adventures of the Raspberry Pi.
    • I keep up to date with our boundaries of science, in particular Cosmology and meta-physics.  I'll probably embarrass myself with pseudo-science posts. 
    • I may write some personal for family posts, under password protection.

    I had a blog before running on Posterous, but it got bought by Twitter and then closed down.  This blogging platform, PostHaven, is run by the same creators and holds a lot of the same features I liked in Posterous, but promises to be permanent by charging $5 a month, so will never seek to be bought or hold advertising. 

    This appeals to me - perhaps the content that published here I will be able to read in many years time, and I can marvel at how much, or little, I have changed.  Or, maybe AI robots in the future will be created by distilling a person's social media activity to make us immortal, and this can be the source for FutureMarkAI 3014!

    Below is a picture of me in Cornish Kilt at my brother's wedding.  Just for the record. I don't often wear kilts, not even Cornish ones.