Comparison Doesn't Frighten Me - New Music Track by Cem and I

Here is the first track I'm putting out from my bunker jam project with Cem, ironically called "Comparison Doesn't Frighten Me", as this is blatantly untrue. 

But it doesn't frighten Richard Feynman or Krishnamurti, who are both sampled in the track extolling their world views.

Permit me my pretensions on making the track, which perhaps you can read whilst listening:

I often think music is like a thing evolving - its a thing that can exist as one moment but necessarily takes time to realise.

French Horns are at the start starting off the Universe, like Tolkein's Ainur, before a electronic saw of hydrogen sears its way through the cosmos. 

Complexity arises, with the organ: people start being born; losing their innocence after the serpent shows the Tree of Good and Evil; comparing their naked and non-naked selves; educating, killing and creating as lamented by Krishnamurti; then the guitar cuts through with its industry up to a drum explosion and climax; until finally Feynman himself brings it home to the heat-death Omega Point on the last piano note.

I'll release about 5 more tracks over the next few weeks, which will be at

My Recording Setup In The Bunker

I have been fortunate to find a place in a studio bunker near Rigshospital in Copenhagen, which is one of the nicest spaces for music I've played in.  Website here, if you are also looking for a music practice room in Copenhagen:

A couple of pictures below of in and out:

They were made during the Cold War, so feature radiation baths, 6 foot of concrete surrounding us and two thick steel doors keeping us in, or people out.  We had a JCB working above us last year, and didn't hear a thing.

With the excellent and fine drummer Cem we have spent half a day a week ish recording some original tracks, for our own sanity and amusement.  Our sound lies somewhere between naïve rock to prog indie, and we'll probably never pin it down. 

Between us we play guitar, bass, drumz, 80s keyboards and laptop synths, and usually one of us drafts a song at home and we attempt to record live parts at the Bunker.

We record using Ableton Live 9, which improves every iteration and is just easy for me, running on my MacBook Air plus an external HD, which copes fine up to about 20 tracks before I need to start freezing tracks.

This connects to this sexy USB audio interface from Roland, an excellent Audio and MIDI interface

We usually feed in with two Rode-NT1As

..and a ShureSM57 I found in my Dad's shed for the snare.

I have no amp here in Denmark yet (shipping for my old one was a lot of money) so at the moment I'm DIing straight into the interface, for some good results.  An amp simulator comes with Ableton 9, and I think for live gigs (which we hope to one day) I may even keep that setup if I need to hide my out of practice playing behind space FX :)

We have around 6 songs nearly done, and an aim for 2014 is to write one song a month.  I'll publish separate posts with some SoundCloud links (which Ableton9 auto uploads to) to some draft songs soon (scary), but feel free to follow me there too: