My New Blog Home

I've decided to start up a new blog at

It will be about everything I am up to, and I think worth writing down. 

I'll write it primarily for my friends, family and colleagues in the industry.

I'm experimenting with merging my business and home-life personae on one platform.  Traditionally I've separated these out, such as my work (@MarkeD_NB) and home (@MarkedAtHome) twitter accounts, but I want a more rounded presentation of myself here.  

So, my dear readers, some of these posts may not be very interesting, but perhaps some will.  It'll probably cover topics such as:

  • Life in Denmark for an English ex-pat.  I think it best if I practice writing these in Danish, fordi det er god for øve mig.
  • What's it like to work with digital analytics in a European agency?  Its pretty exciting, for me at least.
  • I will shyly share my music endeavours, when I get them to a state they are 90% finished.  (All my songs end up being 90% finished)
  • I'll comment on SEO/Analytics trends, if its not been repeated ad nauseum on other blogs.
  • I'm doing a lot more programming recently, in particular R, Python and JavaScript.  In particular, Machine Learning is a keen interest at the moment, I'm considering entering Kaggle competitions.
  • I'll curate links to web pages around the web that cover my interests, ranging from history to gaming.
  • I'll probably have a gadget section, as I've recently acknowledged my gadget addiction. Most recently this covers the Adventures of the Raspberry Pi.
  • I keep up to date with our boundaries of science, in particular Cosmology and meta-physics.  I'll probably embarrass myself with pseudo-science posts. 
  • I may write some personal for family posts, under password protection.

I had a blog before running on Posterous, but it got bought by Twitter and then closed down.  This blogging platform, PostHaven, is run by the same creators and holds a lot of the same features I liked in Posterous, but promises to be permanent by charging $5 a month, so will never seek to be bought or hold advertising. 

This appeals to me - perhaps the content that published here I will be able to read in many years time, and I can marvel at how much, or little, I have changed.  Or, maybe AI robots in the future will be created by distilling a person's social media activity to make us immortal, and this can be the source for FutureMarkAI 3014!

Below is a picture of me in Cornish Kilt at my brother's wedding.  Just for the record. I don't often wear kilts, not even Cornish ones.